How to know a possessed person

real possessed people
There are many ways in which possessed people behave.

A four point check list ( parlour tricks of the demon) to determine satanic possession and these tally rather closely with what we’ve seen on screen. 

They are: 

(1) Speaking a language otherwise unknown to the individual.

(2) strength beyond the normal capacity of the person.

(3) knowledge about things that should be unknown by the person, such as naming the sins of the priest or others who are present.

(4) aversion to sacred things - Bible, crucifix, holy water, etc.

There are many levels of demonic possession and one of it is stated as under:-

Levels of demonic possession based on who can perceive the manifestation

1) Mild demonic possession:- Here even a layperson by the means of his or her intellect and a basic understanding of demonic possession can understand from observing an individual’s abnormal behavior that something is amiss with the possessed person.

2) Medium demonic possession :- Here one would require a higher level of sixth sense or extra-sensory perception to be able to discern whether the person is possessed. The spiritual level of the person diagnosing would generally be between 50-70%.

3) Severe demonic possession :- Here only a Saint would be able to diagnose whether a person is possessed.

This is the basic knowledge or we can say thumb rule on how we can know about a person being possessed.
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