14 year old beaten and abused, a story of a maid in india

14 year old beaten
source:- poddesk
She would beat me with whatever she had in her hands. Wiper, kitchen spoons or broom, she would beat me with anything she could find. She even threatened to kill me. I think she did not like me.

This is what a 14 year old from Jharkhand told, she was recently rescued from a business person home, named sagar jain and her wife shweta jain.

She worked there for seven months and she told that she was even forced to work even if she was not well.

When ever she was home alone she was locked inside a room and not given food until the family returns, she was even locked when some guest came home to visit the family.

Doctors found at least nine injuries on the girl. She had injuries on her right scapula, multiple abrasions on her back, bruises on her left hand, right elbow and thighs, said Suchi Kaushik, the doctor who examined the girl.

Doctors also found a knife injury on her back, which was reportedly a few days old.
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