How to know in 3 steps if your credit card is being hacked

how to know if your credit card is being hacked
1: Check your card statement for any unknown transactions
One of the most obvious things to do is to check your monthly card statement thoroughly. Do not ignore it as an unimportant paper sent by the bank for the sake of protocol. Every little purchase made using your card will be reflected on the statement.

2: Don’t ignore mobile notifications

Your Credit Card provider sends you a notification on your account-linked mobile number for each purchase that you make using your Credit Card. Do not ignore messages from your bank as unwanted spam as they can be the source to catch any Credit Card fraud instantly.

3: Keep an eye on third-party retailers

There have been cases where third-party retailers have had their systems breached by hackers. If you have been using a retailer for your purchases, and the retailer’s data has been breached, it can mean that your data has been leaked to the hackers.

As a Credit Card holder, the responsibility of keeping your card safe lies with you. Follow the above tips to keep your Credit Card safe and away from hackers and scammers.
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