Drunk doctor hitting and kicking uber driver for no reason in miami

drunk doctor hits uber driver
source:-daily mail
Wait for the video to load

When an Uber driver in Miami went to pick up his customers, he was surprised by a random drunk woman jumping into the back of his car.

When the driver told her to get out and refused to take her anywhere, she started brawling with him and the whole thing was caught on video and uploaded to the internet.

It got really messy after that, with the woman kicking and hitting the driver, flinging papers and other items out of his car and causing a huge scene. 

At one point he did shove her to the ground, but only because she was trying to knee him in the groin.

Police eventually arrived, but the Uber driver decided not to press charges because she started crying and said she was sorry and she would lose her medical license if she got arrested.
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