Awesome device for transforming your mobile into a Polaroid

turn mobile into Polaroid
source:-via google search
It’s a one inch thick sleeve that your iPhone slides into (note: There is also a version for Samsung phones) and turns your iPhone into a Polaroid camera.

10 photo paper comes free with this device and if more papers needed you need to order online, the device cost with shipping is $161.00 which will be around 10000 INR.

The best feature to this is that not only you can take pictures and print it in a simple form, but also this will takes prints of the photos the way you want it, edit your photos in your phone with borders, frame, collage or whatever you feel like.

You will need to download a software of the company PRYNT who makes this on your iPhone to make the device work.

There’s no off switch, the only way you can save battery life for now is to remove the iPhone adapter completely from the printer part of the case as its attached to mobile as a case.

This device will do quite well we think because its a curiosity  device and ones people would like to purchase and see how it works.
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