How to get a world passport

world passport
how to get a world passport and its procedures, source via - google search, what's trending around the world now.
Many of you must be not knowing about this passport right but yes there is a thing called a world passport and many of the people have owned it too.

This passport is issued by the World Service Authority, a non-profit organisation started back in 1954, and cites article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Based out of Washington, the Authority promotes the idea of belonging to the world instead of being from one particular country.

Apart from the passport, they also offer world marriage certificates, world birth cards, and other official documents generally issued by the different governments of the world. And yes, anyone can become a citizen of the world.

All one needs to do is visit the World Service Authority website, fill out an application, notify how long you need the passport for and send it to them. 

It's that easy. A 10-year world passport costs around $100, plus shipping and handling which comes to an additional $100 for people living in Asia.
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