Paralympic Indian swimmer forced to wash cars,disappointing

bharat kumar swimmer
source:-via google search
Paralympic India swimmer Bharat Kumar who had won gold medals on international levels is forced to wash cars to sustain his livelihood.

He has won gold medals at the 2005 Junior National Level athletics, 2009 World Games and silver at the 2006 Junior World Athletics in Ireland. Apart from this, he has also participated in 2010 Commonwealth Games and Asian Games held in China.

"I didn't have enough money for a good diet. So I had to sit with beggars near the Sai temple to have my food. That was my diet,” said Bharat to DNA.

He also went on to add that despite winning so many medals he still has to wash cars for a living.

This is very sad when we hear such incident happening in our country if you find any people like this share their story and help them whenever you can.
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