Snapdeal employee dipti sarna is back home

dipti sarna is back home
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Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna, who went missing near Delhi two days ago, has returned home and told the police that she was kidnapped by four people at knife-point.

Dipti has told the police that she does not want to press charges against the men, who allegedly kidnapped her after she took an auto in Ghaziabad. 

The four, she has said, fed her on time, took care of her and also left a gun with her at some point.

"They blindfolded her and dropped her at some railway station at 3 or 4 am," Mr Sarna said, adding, "The people who kidnapped her didn't harm her in anyway and they even gave her food on time.

I think the people who kidnapped her were beginners and they got afraid that is why they left her.

Kunal Bahl, the Snapdeal founder, had said yesterday the organization was working with the police to help locate her.

This is a great effort done by the company also to find her thanks to Snapdeal and all the people who had done an effort to find her by any media. Thank you all.
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