Donald Trump Daughter Ivanka Trump Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Ivanka Trump baby boy
source via:- google search, Donald Trump Daughter Ivanka Trump gives birth to Baby Boy and his name is Theodore James Kushner
Sunday evening Ivanka Trump, 34, brought her family more feel-good headlines and social media buzz when she gave birth to her third child, a son named Theodore James Kushner.

It's not, however, easy to keep politics separate from business. This month, Ivanka Trump's own line of shoes, clothes and accessories were removed from the Trump Organization's main site as critics pointed out that much of her merchandise is made in China or other foreign countries even as her father bashes U.S. companies for moving work overseas.

Ivanka Trump declined to be interviewed for this article, and she has hired public-relations experts to field her calls and try to spread the word that she is focused on her family and business - not politics.
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