Deonar Dumping Yard Fire Troubles The Local Staying Residents

fire in Mumbai dumping yard
source via:- google search, Mumbai’s biggest dump yard has been burning for four days with thick toxic smoke billowing out of the 326-acre Deonar choking local residents
This is a picture of the nearby area of the land fill showing all the area is filled with toxic smoke because of the fire in the dumping yard in Mumbai.

The Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), which manages the landfills, says it will take one more day to douse the blaze. This is the third such fire at Deonar since January with many more small pocket fires reported.

Other blazes are accidental, sparked by a burning cigarette or a beedi butt tossed into the garbage by municipal workers and scrap pickers. 

Whatever the cause, the methane released by the decomposition of organic garbage can turn minor fires into conflagrations.

In its budget for 2016-17, the BMC announced it will build a wall around the dump, more lights, CCTV cameras, employ more guards and install more high-mast lighting to deter trespassers.

The problem is that the plans made are implemented too late so the effect of the implemented strategy is going to take years like that because the project size and plans are huge and will take years for proper implementation.
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