Group of people beat dentist to death over a small issue in Delhi

dentist beaten to death in Delhi by group of people
source via:- google search and youtube dentist in Delhi beaten to death over a small issue 
The dentist has been identified as Pankaj Narang, who was dragged from his home and attacked by over 10 people with wooden sticks and bricks.

All the people involved in the murder were from slumps  in Vikaspuri, They were all arrested on Thursday night.

This happened over a small issue over cricket, Dad and son were playing cricket in their balcony and the ball went down from the balcony and hit a motorcycle rider on the road.

That motorcycle person called his friends from the slums and dragged the dentist (dad) from home and started hitting him with bricks and sticks until he was dead.

This is a really sad story on how people react so aggressive over such a small issue.
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