Hardik Pandya hatrick against Bangladesh will make you go crazy

hardik pandya hatrick in world cup 2020
source via:- google search, Hardik Pandya hat-trick against Bangladesh in world cup 2020 match

This is for people who have heard about the hatrick and don't know what happened in the last over of the match against the Bangladesh in the world cup 20 20 matches.

It was the last over Bangladesh needed 6 balls 11 runs to win and there were 3 hitters remaining.

After 4 balls the score was 2 runs needed from 3 balls where Hardik Pandya was given the responsibility to go and bowl.

There was no hope left for India to win everyone in the stadium were sad and didn't know what to do.

First ball was a wicket the crowd started cheering, then the score was 2 balls 2 runs needed, then one more wicket fall down with a try to hit a six and Jadeja flew in the air and what a catch it was.

1 more remaining and still 2 runs needed it was a tense situation in the stadium, the last ball was the moment to watch and it was one more wicket down and India won the match by 1 run.

Phew, the crowd went crazy people started screaming and what not.

This shows that how interesting the world cup matches are going to be on the upcoming schedule, cheers and enjoy.
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