Want to know what Malaika told to the lawyer about divorce

malaika and arbaaz khan divorce
source via:- google search, what to know what Malaika told the lawyer about their divorce with Arbaaz khan

What you don't know is who is Malaika's divorce lawyer and what she spoke to her when they met behind closed doors for a long chat.

The lawyer in question is Ms Vandana Shah, who wrote the book Ex-Files in 2014. 

Malaika had clear pointers for her lawyer.

1. I want to divorce Arbaaz because our marriage has failed to give me any financial stability.

2. My husband and his family want that I start leading a simple and domestic life, which I will not.

3. I shall never forbid my son from meeting his father after the divorce, but I should get his custody at any cost whatsoever.

The reason after a so long marriage and after that divorce is not still properly known.
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