New Technology Discovered By Scientist Of Selfcleaning Clothes

self cleaning clothes
source via:- google search, self-cleaning clothes using nanotechnology are soon going to be implemented
In the recent research, scientists found a new way to get clothes spick and span which is quite interesting. All you need is a little bit of sunshine or even a light bulb to get your clothes cleaned.

In this process of self-cleaning textiles, Copper and Silver-based nanostructures are famed for their ability in terms of absorption of light.

The team of scientists found that by treating the fabric with certain solutions, these nanostructures were able to grow steadfastly onto the textile within a span of half an hour. 

Thereafter, as soon as they were exposed to light, energy is released and the varied organic compounds present in the fabric degrade and disappear.

This will be great if properly applied but we think it can be costly don't you think so?
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