Shocking facts about yo yo Honey Singh

yo yo Honey Singh
source via:- google search, yo yo honey singh was suffering from bipolar disorder and alcohol addiction and now he is well and back in action
Shocking facts revealed why Honey Singh was away from media and public and it was due to his health problems and god bless now he is back in action.

Yo Yo Honey Singh reveals that he suffered from Bipolar disorder and alcohol addiction.

He puts out his struggle during the rough phase, where he could not face not more than 3 or 4 people. He was afraid of talking to people and changed 4 doctors in last 18 months. 

The one Yo Yo Honey Singh who used to bring thousands of people into his tune at a performance, got scared away from people. 

Alcohol addiction worsened the situation and finally the fourth doctor helped him recover from dark phase of life.
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