Do you know about the Tedcruz Sex Scandal

Ted Cruz Sex Scandal
source via:- google search, Ted Cruz Sex Scandal is now trending over social media and all over the internet
Ted Cruz, 45, been two-timing his sweetheart, Heidi Cruz, 43, even while defending her from Donald Trump’s, 69, vicious and misogynistic attacks? Ted’s been accused of cheating on his wife and the Internet is having a blast over this new political sex scandal.

Ted has allegedly been fooling around with his wife with at least five women, according to a report in the National Enquirer. “Private detectives are digging into [all the] affairs Ted Cruz supposedly had,” a Washington insider tells National Enquirer.

One user changed Ted’s “TrusTED” logo to “LusTED,”

One voter also pointed out that Ted has been linked to the infamous Zodiac Killer. “5 murders attributed to the Zodiac Killer. 5 women linked to a Ted Cruz sex scandal.” The numbers add up!

There are many memes created and the internet and all social sites are just enjoying about the new political Ted Cruz Scandal.
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