Ultimate way on how to add sitelinks from google webmaster

add links to my website
source via:- google search, how to add site link below my website search result using  google webmaster tool
Do not get confused when you read demote site link that   doesn't means that you have no site link appearing and there is nothing to demote.

Demote here means add yes you heard it right.

Step one:- go to the site-link option in search appreance as show in picture.

Step-two:- leave for this search result empty , if you want site links below your main page.

Step-three:- add the url below that where it is written demote site link and submit it.

Step-four:- the process from our side is complete and now google will have to approve and if google finds it appropriate your links will appear.

Submitting do not means that your done after 60 days it may appear or it may not , let google decide.
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