Beyonce ivy park clothing line in partnership with Topshop

Beyonce ivy park clothing line
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Beyonce ivy park clothing line:- It’s not enough that pop icon and business mogul rules music, but now she’s made a breakthrough into the fashion industry.

Ivy Park, the “athleisure” clothing line Beyoncé announced in partnership with Topshop and other major retailers, has become available to shoppers after weeks of hype following the release of promotional videos and a new website.

The collection has just over 100 pieces, with items ranging from $15 to $265, according to the Topshop website.

Not everyone is happy with Ivy Park itself, mind you. In addition to rumored site crashes and high prices, some shoppers are angry over the actual sizing of the clothes.

Mashable reports that, in terms of user engagement on Instagram, Ivy Park was the most popular fashion brand before it even hit stores.

Nowadays many celebrities are getting into the fashion industry and maybe just selling their names we think there are many other brands which are not as famous as these but sell good clothes at a better price.
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