Three cars found with explosives near Kerala Temple

temple fire in kollam kerala
source via:- google search, India news, cars with explosives are found near the temple where the fire occurred in Kollam in Kerala
Three cars have been found abandoned, packed with sacks full of explosives near the temple.

The abandoned cars were found at a shrine located near the Puttingal Devi temple, where a fireworks display turned into a disaster early on Sunday morning, leaving 108 dead and nearly 400 injured.

10,000 people were present at the Puttingal Devi temple, about 70 km from the state capital Thiruvananthapuram, to watch a fireworks display at a major annual festival late on Saturday night.

Suddenly, a cracker fell onto a shed where the fireworks were stored, sparking a string of powerful explosions that blew the roof off the administrative block of the temple and caused another building to collapse.
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