Claude Shannon was good with gadgets and juggling

Claude Shannon younger picture
Claude Shannon was good with gadgets and juggling and use to repair radios when he was young./ source via - google search, world news.
Claude Shannon was good with gadgets. As a youth, he fixed radios for nearby stores and converted barbed-wire fences into a telegraph line, through which he communicated with a friend.

He turned that talent toward research that would change the course of history, What he envisioned was a computer built from electrical circuits instead of motors.

He applied the value of “1” to circuits turned on, and the value of “0” to circuits that were off. In this simple, brilliant method, digital computing was born.

With the most elegant simplicity, Shannon had shown that all these types of media could be expressed in the same way. This was a truly radical concept that forever altered electronic communication.

He was also known for his Juggling and used to spend time in the special toy room in the basement of his suburban Boston home.

To mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey, is hosting the First Shannon Conference on the Future of the Information Age, and April 30 will see the launch of the Bell Labs Shannon web exhibit.

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