Firearms found at airports break previous records

firearms found at airport
firearms found at the airport breaks previous records/ source via - google search, world news.
Firearms found at airports :- Last week Transportation Security Administration officers found 73 firearms in carry-on bags at airport checkpoints around the country.

That breaks a record set in October 2015 when an alarming 68 firearms were found at checkpoints in one week.

The list includes four firearms found at both Dallas/Fort Worth and Raleigh-Durham International Airports, three firearms found a Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

38 caliber handgun loaded with five bullets found in the carry-on bag of a woman going through the checkpoint at Yeager Airport in Charleston, W.Va., on Sunday morning, April 17.

Whenever a gun is discovered in a bag, the entire system stops as police are called, screening lines are adjusted, and all those people waiting in that line now have to go pile into someone else’s line.

There are many people who forget their firearms are still in their bags and many of them never know they are carrying it.

These results are only one-week checking, you never know how many will be found ahead.
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