Earthquake hits southwestern French city of LaRochelle

France earthquake today
France earthquake today measuring five on Richter scale hits city of larochelle/ source via - google search, world news.
France earthquake today:- which measured 5 on the Richter scale hit at 8.46am on Thursday morning,  according to France’s National Earthquake Surveillance Network (Renass).

The earthquake had caused buildings to shake, but there was no immediate reports of important damage and there are no such casualty reported as of now.

Though there are always smaller tremors felt in France stroge quakes are very rare, The centre of the quake was at Rochefort, around 25 kilometres south east of La Rochelle on France's west coast.

France hasn't been hit by a fatal earthquake since 1909, when 46 people were killed and 250 were injured in the town of Lambesc in Provence.

However, experts warn that France is long overdue for a large-scale quake.
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