India's first semi high speed train set to launch

gatimaan express train hostess
source via:- google search/India news, Gatimaan express India's first semi-high-speed train with a speed of 160 km per hour 
India will get its first semi-high speed train Gatimaan Express most likely on April 5. The train which will run at the speed of 160 km/hour between Delhi and Agra will cover the 184 km distance in 105-110 minutes. 

This train is the fastest train also faster than the shatabdi express.

Final trail are been made earlier this month and had been a success and hence got the approval to run the train.

gatimaan express interior
source via: google search/India news, gatimaan express interior is superior with high quality equiments

There whole train is make in India product not even a single part is been imported or assembled.

The train have better services, there are two executive chair car coaches and eight AC chair car coaches.

The fare will be Rs 1,365 for Executive Class and Rs 690 for Chair Car.

There are also efforts made to keep the train clean and neat with toilets having tanks to collect the waste.

India's semi high speed train will set to launch on April 5.
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