Harsh parenting increases child's risk of obesity and poor health

kids obesity
results of being hard on your kids in the near future/ source via - google search, health tips.
A new study has found that harsh parenting may increase a child's risk of obesity and poor physical health in adulthood.

"Harshness leads to problems with physical health and no matter how hard a spouse tries, they may not be able to erase those effects," said lead study author Thomas Schofield from Iowa State University in the US.

Researchers videotaped the interactions of 451 two-parent families to assess parenting behaviour and look at changes in the child's health several years later from adolescence to young adulthood.

This exposure has a lasting effect on the developing brain during childhood and early adolescence, he added.

The study means to simply say that being harsh on children may lead to a bad effect on the brain and can risk obesity in the future.

Being a nice parent supportive and inspiring can lead your child future way far and help in their progress too.
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