ISIS can attack more countries including London, Berlin and Rome

ISIS latest video release
source via:- google news, world news, ISIS open challenge to all the cross nation and other countries including London, Berlin, and Rome saying they can attack anytime beware
"If it was Paris yesterday... tomorrow it will be London, or Berlin, or Rome. Nations of the cross, this message is for you. 

Know that your options are few, either you join Islam, or pay tribute, or freeze the war," warns the video released by the group's Alwa'ad media arm on Monday.

They said in the video that his was just a caution message to the nation of the cross.

The latest chilling video which shows images of the UK Parliament and Eiffel Tower crashing to the ground.

It also shows other iconic European landmarks such as the Rome's Coliseum interplayed with footage of executions and beheadings from Syria and Iraq.

ISIS terrorists carried out the suicide bombings and shootings in Paris to wipe out 'kuffar's' or non-Muslims, Daily Express reported on Tuesday.

They are getting more deadly day by day and creating threats in the world without any fear.
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