Lamborghini huracan spyder launch date in India

Lamborghini huracan spyder
Lamborghini huracan spyder launch date in India/ source via - google search, technology news.
Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini will launch the Huracan Spyder in the country on 05 May 2016. Lamborghini India will be inaugurating a new dealership in Mumbai alongside the launch.

The Spyder is identical to the Huracan except for the lack of a roof, obviously. The soft-top roof can be lowered or raised in 17 seconds at speeds up to 50km/h. 

It also gets two 'fins' located behind the seats, that not only look ridiculously cool but also aid air-flow to the rear-mounted V10 screamer. 

Lamborghinis have been selling tremendously well over the past few years. In fact, the automaker created history by registering record sales in 2015. 

As far as India is concerned, Lamborghini served the LP580-2 — a hot-blooded rear wheel drive Huracan, late last year.

In India there are many people who are crazy behind supercars and the craze for the same is on the upward trend day by day for particularly this car.

Getting in new models can help the sales up for Lamborghini in India.
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