licence needed to run Whats App group in Kashmir

whats app licence law
source via- google search, tech news, WhatsApp group admins will need to take a licence if they want to run a group in Kashmir says the new law of the government.
The government has issued an official notice wherein admins of the groups will have to get themselves registered.

Jammu and Kashmir government has ordered all WhatsApp group admins to get a license for running the social networking app on their phones.

The government has issued an official notice where all the admins need to get themselves registered and their respective group of WhatsApp.

It has not yet been confirmed that on what kind of groups the licence will be required and how they are going to keep a check of the same.

There are also rules been imposed if they do not follow the set rule and strict action will be taken against them.

Many people are surprised by this news and don't know what to say about the new Whatsapp licence law soon to be imposed.
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