Mamta Kulkarni husband wanted in USA for drugs smuggling

mamta kulkarni drugs racket
Mamta Kulkarni husband Vicky Goswami wanted in the USA for drugs smuggling as drugs worth 2000 crore caught in thane pharmaceutical company/ source via - google search, entertainment news.
The trail has led the police to former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni’s husband, Vicky Goswami, a notorious drug lord wanted by the US for running an international narcotics racket.

In a raid at a pharmaceutical factory earlier this week, the police in Thane found nearly 20,000 kilos of substances used in party drugs. The material found is reportedly worth 2,000 crores.

A team from the US Drug Enforcement Agency has also met the Thane police for information. Seven people have been arrested for their role in what investigators describe as an international drug cartel.

"While questioning them it was found that they had gone to Kenya and had met international drug smuggler Vicky Goswami. Their plan was to set up a factory in Mombasa. 

These substances are used to make heroin from opium," said Paramveer Singh, Police Commissioner, Thane.

Thane police sources said Goswami and Kulkarni were arrested by the Kenya police around 18 months ago in a drug smuggling racket.

During his interrogation, it was revealed that he had supplied a consignment to one Narendra Kacha in Ahmedabad, who was recently arrested by the Gujarat police with 1.30 tonnes of ephedrine.

Mr. Goswami was also arrested in Dubai in November 2014 for trafficking drugs. He married Ms. Kulkarni in 2013.
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