Plants can memories things with the help of prions

a new study says that plants also have inbuilt memory mechanism to memories things with the help of prions/ source via - google search, science news.
For the first time ever, researchers have revealed that plants too can memorise things. It is due to some inbuilt memory mechanism that enables plants to do seasonal things repeatedly.

Three years of research and analysis of over 20,000 plants has led to the discovery of special proteins called prions that play the role of neurons to form environmental memories.

They can memories environmental changes “It is these memories that allow plants to distinguish between a single night of cold and a long winter.”

Several studies have explained that prions have the capability to store information for a long duration of time.

They also believe that prions play a crucial role in the flowering of the plants.

The study appeared in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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