Shahid Afridi daughter death report on social media is false

shahid afridi daughter death is fake
Shahid Afridi daughter death news on social media is fake/ source via - google search, sports news.
The news about Shahid Afridi‘s younger daughter’s death that has been circling around is false. 

The news broke last night that his daughter has passed away and in no time, it started spreading across in different sectors of social media.

There are many new websites coming up with this tricks and gaining traffic and subscribers but this is not a great trick to do.

Facebook pages had also posted a picture of a child wrapped in white cloth with red rose petals on her body, which was not Afridi’s daughter.(above picture)

Soon after resigning as captain of the national side, news surfaced on the illness of his younger daughter who was hospitalised for the same.

There is also no confirmation from the cricketer too and it says that the news is just a fake news and this type of fake news which hurts people should not be given growth on social media platforms.
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