Tax notice against Lord Hanuman, are people going mad?

tax notice against lord hanuman
oh my god movie in real life tax notice against lord hanuman in Bihar/ source via- google search, India news
Tax notice against lord Hanuman:- The Ara municipal corporation has decided to issue a notice to Lord Hanuman for failing to pay property tax of Rs 4.33 lakh.

“Lord Hanuman has defaulted on payment of property tax worth Rs 4.33 lakh and we have decided to issue a notice to the deity to make the payment at the earliest,” municipal corporation officials said on Saturday.

 “The temple authorities have been informed twice to clear the dues,” an official said.

Ara municipal commissioner Pramod Kumar said there was a provision to send the notice in the name of the holder. “The defaulting properties are in the name of Lord Hanuman. We will, however, send the notice to the managing committee of the temple,” he said.

“We will also display names of the defaulters in big hoardings to be put up at different places in the town. If he doesn’t pay tax in response to the notice, Hanumanji’s name will also be displayed on the hoardings,” the officials said.

Are people of India getting inspired by the movies show and acting impractical this incident happening in real has shocked many people.
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