Techie committed suicide as his app did not sell

source via- google search, techie committed suicide as his app did not do well in the market and was depressed
Techie committed suicide:- A young techie from the area of Hyderabad committed suicide by inhaling nitrogen as he was depressed over the failure of a mobile application developed by him, police said.

Lucky Agarwal (33), bought a small nitrogen cylinder and inhaled the gas by using a mask at his apartment at Ameerpet area in Hyderabad.

“I am committing suicide. Nitrogen gas is an easy and painless method of suicide. I wish everyone peace and happiness,” he wrote in a suicide note found in his room.

He was first working with an IT firm and has quit his job for making his own mobile application.

He had a habit of working till late in the night, as he did not come out of the room for a long time, his parents broke the door and found him dead.

The investigation found that he was depressed as his mobile application had no buyers in the market.
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