Not satisfied with JEE results, Girl jumps from fifth floor

JEE result suicide
17-year-old girl jumps off the fifth floor as she was not satisfied with the JEE results/ source via - google search, India news.
A 17-year-old from Ghaziabad ended her life by jumping from the fifth floor of her apartment building in Kota on Thursday. In her suicide note, Kriti Tiwari said she was taking the extreme step as she wasn't satisfied with the results.

We think that school's and colleges must have stress-related suicide lectures where students can be taught that suicide is not an option everyone has a second chance.

Kriti has implied in the note that she didn't want to pursue engineering, but Bachelor of Science (BSc). She wanted to become an astrophysicist.

In her suicide note, written in English, Kriti apologized to her parents.

Though the cut-off marks were 100, she scored 144. As per the coaching officials, it was a decent score and she had a good chance of cracking IIT.

When she took the extreme step on Thursday, her father was in Kota while the mother was in Ghaziabad.

The neighbours told us that she rarely ventured out, except for going to the coaching classes, and was always seen busy with her studies.
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