Air India cabin crew may get new uniforms soon

Air India
Air India cabin crew may get a new uniform soon/ source via - google search, business news.
Air India cabin crew new uniform:- The member committee who looks after the design, have suggested many designs and color pattern for the new uniform they are supposed to get soon, this is a the sign of new make over for Air India.

There ar approximate 4000 cabin crew with Air India, the final call still has to make regarding the new uniform and the design will be finalised by the higher committee members.

“The use of indigenous fabric ‘khadi’ for draping the cabin crew is one of the several choices suggested by the committee,” the official said.

Air India One, the official aircraft of the President, the Prime Minister, and the Vice-President, during a recent official trip of Modi to Belgium and the US, was all draped in khadi uniform.

They cabin crew will also have an option for the uniform and may select from choices and get what they are best comfortable with.
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