Elephant died crying as zoo did not provided medical treatment

Sumatran elephant
the elephant died crying as she was not provided with proper medication when ill by the zoo investigation reported./ source via - google search, what's trending worldwide
A Sumatran elephant which was 34-year-old named Yani was from the Indonesian zoo named Bandung died as she was not provided with treatment for an unknown disease.

News reports that the poor elephant cried as she died.

Yani was kept in horrible conditions, and when she was ill the zoo just neglected her needs.

She laid on the dirty ground as tears streamed down her face. The zoo did not have a resident veterinarian for almost a year and so Yani was left to suffer.

After this, there was an investigation on the zoo and was temporarily closed.

After reading this story everyone must take a note if they see any such abnormal things happening around.

Every one of us should raise their voice and bring such cases in front of the media so that this never happens again.
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