Bad behaviour of IAS officer during a hospital visit

bad behavior IAS officer
bad behaviour of IAS office during a hospital visit photo has gone viral on social media./ source via- google search, India news.
Bad behaviour of IAS officer:- Photo of an IAS officer standing with one leg on the patient bed has gone viral on social media and raise a question whether the behaviour of the office was bad? during his visit to primary health centre (PHC). 

He had gone to visit patients at the PHC when someone present at the spot clicked the unusual pose of the doctor-turned-IAS officer and circulated it on social media. 

After the ill-mannered pose drew criticism from various quarters, chief minister Raman Singh too expressed strong displeasure over it.

He needed to be learned how to behave and respect the protocol of an IAS office this is not the way an IAS officer behaves.

Meanwhile, the IAS-officer-turned politician and former chief minister Ajit Jogi reacted strongly over the issue saying it is absolutely not acceptable from an officer on duty.

Every officer must behave in a respectful manner also in the terms of body language.
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