Cancer specialist Doctor murdered in Egmore, near Chennai

doctor murdered/ google search
cancer specialist doctor murdered in Egmore Chennai police investigating the case./ source via - google search, India news.
Cancer specialist Doctor murdered - A 67-year-old Rohini Premkumari, a renowned oncologist (who treats cancer), was found murdered at her home in Egmore, near Chennai.

Various reports and according to the news it says that Dr. Rohini was found with her hands and legs tied with a rope, and was hit on her head with an iron rod.

Her mouth was also sealed with a medical tape.

Officials are investigating the case and are saying "Around 10.30 am on Sunday, her mother Subhadra Nair (88), who can barely walk, was waiting for her food. 

When there was no response to her calls to Rohini, she called Mr. Parameswaran (a relative) to come and check.

The body was then found in the garden area of the house.

The victim’s relatives alleged that Dr. Rohini had a tiff with a contractor a few days ago.

 “We are investigating the murder from all possible angles and special crime teams have been formed to trace the assailant,” police said.

Police also say that there was also a sign of a struggle in the lawn, and there is a possibility that the murder has happened on Saturday night when the doctor was talking a walk in the lawn.
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