Government aided home provided one toothbrush for 49 children

poor children in government homes India
poor children in India in government homes are provided with only one toothbrush and one paste for 49 children, representative image, source via - google search, India news.
Government aided home in India - National human right chairperson justice H L Dattu describes a site which he saw two years ago as a judge of the supreme court.

Justice Dattu was on a visit to a government aided home for the disabled when he saw 49 children using a single toothbrush and had just one tube of toothpaste.

He quoted to a news channel saying, It is not important to say in which state I saw 49 children using one toothbrush.

As that is the condition in most government-aided or government-run homes housing disabled children, who are the most neglected lot.

There is no proper supply of money to these homes who need the most, not proper facilities are being provided.

The NHRC has written to its special rapporteurs across states to visit homes for senior citizens and disabled children, and give a report on the basic facilities available there.

Many hope that this activity which is being carried by Justice Dattu may bring light to many such homes and will change the facilities provided there.
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