Do trees go to sleep, your question answered scientifically

do trees go to sleep
do trees go to sleep, you never know do they, but this post will answer all your related questions, source via - google search, science news
Do trees go to sleep - This is the first time when trees have shown to undergo some changes physically, these experiments have been tested on smaller plants but not on bigger trees, this behaviour can be likened to sleep.

Branches of birch trees have now been seen drooping by as much as 10 centimetres at the tips towards the end of the night.

This is a very clear effect and can be applied to the full tree, no one has observed such behaviour at the scale of whole trees, and it was surprising to see such changes, says Andras Zlinszky from Ecological centre Hungary.

Zlinszky and his colleagues scanned trees in Austria and Finland with laser beams between sunset and sunrise. 

From the time it takes beams to bounce back from branches and leaves, they could measure the movements of each tree, in three dimensions and at resolutions of centimetres.

The team scanned two birch trees, one in Finland and one in Austria, each over the course of a single night.This test was observed using laser scanning.

The drooping effect is probably caused by loss of internal water pressure within plant cells, a phenomenon called turgor pressure. “It means branches and leaf stems are less rigid, and more prone to drooping under their own weight,” says Zlinszky.

So this research will also be conducted on other trees of a different kind, and will also know do trees go to sleep if the kind of the trees is being changed.

There have been some studies on circadian rhythms in trees, mostly studying gene expression, but this latest research is a beautiful way to watch it happen in individual trees

Knowing trees about do trees go to sleep and its water effect also can help in practical ways, Likewise, insights into how trees manage water could help climatologists understand better the effects of forests on climate change and weather.
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