Egypt Air flight 804 crash is being confirmed by the officials

Egypt Air Flight 804 crash
Egypt Air Flight 804 crash is being officially declared but there is no news on what and where is the plane and passengers, source via - google search, world news. 
Egypt Air Flight 804 crash - Egypt air flight 804 from Paris to Cairo suddenly disappeared from the radar system with sixty-six people on board, there are no confirmed news yet that what has happened properly news till now is mentioned below.

The airbus A320 was flying at 37000 feet when it disappeared from the radar, the flight left Paris at 11.09 pm on Wednesday and was due in Cairo at 3:15 a.m. Thursday.

The location of the last contact was of Egypt Air Flight 804 crash was 173 miles (280 kilometers) from the Egyptian coast, the airline said.

Greek controllers tried to reach the plane 10 miles before it left the country's airspace but received no response.

A few minutes earlier, French president François Hollande has confirmed that the plane has crashed. In a TV press conference, he said: “no hypothesis” could be ruled out on the causes of the crash.

He also offered help from France in the search for debris. Hollande also offered his “solidarity” with the families of those on board.

Officials in Athens are convinced the EgyptAir plane has crashed, “I consider it a fact that the plane has crashed. There is no chance of it still being in the air,” Serafeim Petrou said.

Greece has scrambled two C-130 military aircraft, two helicopters (a Super Pumper and Sea Hawk) and a frigate as part of a search and rescue operation.

Egypt’s minister of civil aviation, Sherif Fathy, starts his press conference by stating it has been “difficult day”. He says he will continue to use the phrase “missing plane” until debris is found.
A report will then be generated in detail after all the information obtained.
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