How many people in India pay income tax? only 4%

income tax India
how many people in India pay income tax the data by the government only show's about 4% of the total population./ source via - google search, business news.
How many people pay income tax in India :- The Government data on the income tax payments, released last week, throws light on one of the key problems India faces, a low number of income taxpayers as a percentage of total population.

There is a huge number of people who are not paying the income tax and fooling the nation if every citizen starts paying the tax on their income there can be a huge benefit to the country and we can build great infrastructure and eradicate poverty.

If one looks at the 2014-15 figure, just about 4.87 crore people filed tax returns, making it less than 4 per cent of the population (considering population at 125 crores).

There is a huge task ahead of Modi government to do, there has to be a solution for the same rather than increasing the tax rate.

The government has been taking measures to address this issue by proposing to deduct tax at source, using analytics to identify taxpayers and making PAN number mandatory, said Alok Agarwal, senior director, tax practice at Deloitte.

The sad part of India is that every people think why to pay tax when the government is not giving us better service and infra we need all the money is being scammed or taken by politicians.

This is what every citizen thinks before paying the tax, and hence there is a low number of income tax payers.

But if we want to progress fast as India we need to pay taxes and every citizen should understand their responsibility towards the country.
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