Jiah Khan mother revealed shocking facts about Sooraj Pancholi

jiah khan mother
Jiah Khan mother revealed shocking facts about Sooraj Pancholi./ source via - google search, entertainment news.
The Bombay court has lifted the stay against Sooraj Pancholi before few weeks who has been accused of Jiah Khan's murder.

In the mid of all this Jiah Khan's mother has revealed some shocking details about Sooraj Pancholi.

In an interview to Pinkvilla.com, Rabiya said that Jiah used to discuss her issues she had with Sooraj, with her and that she had warned Jiah that Sooraj didn't love her.

One day her mother message Sooraj saying why are you manipulating Jiah? the actor replied saying "yeh ladki agar meri nahi tho teri bhi nahi".

Rabiya has even accused CBI of not showing this message to anyone.

Rabiya reveals, "The day Jiah told me about him, I told her at least make me meet him. He didn't want to meet me. He met me over skype and usne andhere main baithke mujhse baat ki. 

I told Jiah, he doesn't have any confidence. He didn't even show his face to me."

Now the case is being lifted by the court, but we don't know what all shocking facts may come out again in the coming time.
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