Ludhiana men attacked with a knife brutally by group

Ludhiana men attacked by knife
men attacked with a knife in Ludhiana by a group of people over small parking lot car touch issue./ source via - google search, India news. 
Ludhiana men attacked with a knife - A businessman in Ludhiana named Gurpreet Singh had just reached his office when a group of people got into his office and started brutally hitting him with a knife.

He was hit so badly that the full office floor was covered with blood, even after he fell on the chair beside the people were not stopping to hit him.

CCTV footage shows how he was hit repeatedly on head, back, and legs.

Mr. Singh has got into a fight with these men over a small parking lot issue where his car hits theirs.

Wait for the video to load

The victim’s brother made an attempt to save him. Both the brother and victim are injured and admitted to DMC hospital.

The police are currently investigating the case, and will come up with a conclusion of the same soon.
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