Oldest person in the world died at age 116

worlds oldest person
world oldest person died at the age of 116 years in New York./ source via - google search, world news.
World's oldest person died - The world oldest person Susannah Mushatt Jones died at the age of 116 years in NewYork.

She died at a Senior home in Brooklyn on Thursday night, she was also not keeping well for the past 10 days.

Ms. Jones, who retired in 1965, had said that lots of sleep were the secret to her longevity and that she had never smoked or drank alcohol.

Ms. Jones became Guinness World Records official oldest person when 117-year-old Misao Okawa died in Tokyo last year.

The record is now held by the 116-year-old Emma Morano of Italy after the dead of Ms. Jones.

Emma Morano is said to be only a few months younger than Ms. Jones.
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