Prince property to be divided between Nelson and five siblings

singer prince
Prince property to be divided between nelson and the five half siblings if all the proceedings go according to the law./ source via - google search, entertainment news.
Prince property to be divided:- Prince, who died at his home in Minnesota, had no known will or trust, according to his sister, Tyka Nelson. 

It's expected that Prince's estate, worth an estimated $300 million, will be divided between Nelson and his five half-siblings if state law is followed.

Alfred Frank Jackson, a half-brother of Prince, is among the late music legend's family members expected to appear in court today as the division of Prince's estimated $300 million estate begins.

He remembered looking out for his brother when he would get into “a few scrapes” when they were younger.

“Growing up, I protected him, I was so much taller than him, I protected him,” Jackson said.

Frank Wheaton, Jackson’s attorney, told the News that a judge will lay out the laws and rules of the process during today’s court proceedings.

The huge estate of Prince will be in the hands of whom and how much all the siblings will get no one knows yet.
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