Smoking in front of kids can harm their health

smoking in front of kids
smoking in front of children may have a bad health effect on kids health says a new study./ source via - google search, health tips
Smoking in front of kids - Researchers say that if a child is exposed to smoke indoors may fall sicker and have to visit the doctors more frequently.

Smoking is bad for our health and we always know it, smoking indoors or in front of your kids may result negative for your child health.

The data studied of 2011 -12 have shown the results are far much better in kids who live with non-smokers.

Pediatric emergency departments could serve as effective outlets for health messages to inform caregivers about the dangers of smoking around children and help decrease these potentially preventable tobacco smoke exposure-related visits and associated costs.

The study was presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2016 meeting in Baltimore, US recently.
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