Sonu Nigam singing on Juhu streets, a great experiment

sonu nigam singing on the roads of juhu
Sonu Nigam singing on the roads of Juhu a great experiment, source via - google search, Bollywood entertainment news.
Sonu Nigam singing on Juhu streets - Bollywood famous singer Sonu Nigam did what no one did until today, he dressed like a road side small singer did the makeup and started singing on the streets of Juhu.

The video, titled “The Roadside Ustaad”, was released on Culture Machine’s digital channel Being Indian on Tuesday. 

It is an experiment done on the busy streets of Juhu, Mumbai to see how the pedestrians react to the singing of an old man.

There were miz reactions of the people around who were seeing him singing, many just walked by and many stopped here him sing.

“For the first time, I was not me. The make-up was so good and authentic that people standing so close to me, couldn’t recognise.”

The musical instrument which he used was which his parents had bought.

“It was all so humbling. And from such an unfamiliar zone, I managed to procure something. Gratitude, grace and appreciation for what we have,” he said.

The whole idea behind this experiment of Sonu Nigam singing on Juhu streets was to inspire people to take a moment out of their busy lives and appreciate the beauty of music.

The interesting part of this experiment was that he created magic from his voice even after being an old man sitting on the road.

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