Tortured by employer Hyderabad maid dies in Saudi Arabia

died due to employer torture
Hyderabad maid dies because of torture by the employer in Saudi Arabia./ source via - google search, India news. 
Tortured by employer Hyderabad maid dies - A young woman from Hyderabad who was sent to Saudi Arabia to work as a maid died in hospital, allegedly after being tortured by the employer.

Asima Khatoon who was just 25 had moved to Riyadh in December to seek work opportunities and earn some money for the family.

After just reaching there unaware of what she was into, she was being held hostage and tortured mentally and physically by her employer there.

Employer identified as Abdul Rahman Ali Mohammed is being investigated ahead of what was going on till date.

Her mother Ghousia Khatoon said to news that, she was not given food, she was kept locked and only open the door in the evening, she used to call me and cry.

News of her death came just a few days ago and was shocking, the Telangana government wrote to the centre asking help.

"We wrote a letter to Saudi Arabia consulate on behalf of state government. We are trying to bring her body back," said police inspector G Ramesh.

Ms. Khatoon had travelled to Riyadh on a business visa organized by the sort of agents who run large rackets based on supplying cheap labour from India  to the Middle East.

There are many such incidents which are being carried under cover and no one knows how many such stories have happened.
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