Do you know who is the first transgender politician

first transgender politician
the first transgender politician from the Philippines. / source via - google search, world news.
First transgender politician - The Liberal Party's Geraldine Roman is set to be the predominantly Catholic nation's first public transgender politician.

Polls indicate she will win the lower house seat for Bataan province, north of the capital Manila.

She has been a part of the politician family and has been powerful in political experience.

Ms. Roman 49, will take up was previously held by her mother, She spent several years in Spain where she mastered other languages and worked as an editor at a Spanish news agency.

She returned to her native just because to take care of her ageing parents and also promised to continue their political legacy.

Ms. Roman shared that her family always remained supportive of her, and her father advised her to "remain confident" despite being bullied for her gender identity in school.

This is a strong message that has been spread that even transgender people can serve the country and should not be discriminated.

After the results, it was seen that she have won the seat.

Filipino citizens celebrated the news of Ms. Roman's election win, calling it a "huge breakthrough" in a country where transgender people face widespread discrimination and violence.
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