Yash Chopra honored by Swiss government with special statue

Yash Chopra statue Switzerland
Yash Chopra honored by Swiss government with special statue./ source via - google search, entertainment news.
Yash Chopra statue Switzerland - The famous director Yash Raj Chopra who has shot his most of the films in the lush mountains of Switzerland is being honoured by the government with a special statue.

The bronze statue of the late filmmaker, which weighs about 250 kilos, was inaugurated on Wednesday by his wife Pamela and daughter-in-law Rani Mukherjee, said a statement from Yash Raj Films.

The famous director also loved to spend time in the country besides shooting his movies only.

His statue is installed at the heart of Interlaken, inside the Kursaal area, near the Congress Centre which is a prime, popular spot with tourists.

The five-star Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa in Interlaken also named a suite after Yash Chopra.
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